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Congress of the United States

House of Representatives

August 31, 2000


Dear Friends,

Taiwan has made enormous strides toward becoming a fully democracy.  Undeterred by China's threats, Taiwanese voters elected pro-independence party candidates, ending more than half a century of Nationalist rule.  The election ends the reign of a corrupt and bureaucratic government, sends a message that Taiwan will not tolerate political power imposed from the outside, and returns the government back to the people.

The free and fair election of President Chen Shui-bian demonstrates the people of Taiwan have made a profound decision about their own individual future and their own individual liberty.  Their confidence in Mr. Chen Shui-bian to lead them toward a democratic state and a free-market economy is a sentiment I share.  I, and many other Members of Congress, have complete confidence Taiwan will successfully accomplish this task.

Additionally, last month I was pleased to introduce House Concurrent Resolution 390 to recognize the legitimacy of Taiwan's presence in the international community.  Taiwan, as a democratic nation should be afforded the privilege of membership in the United Nations.

Very truly yours,

Bob Schaffer

Member of Congress

from Colorado

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