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    WHO Past Campaign - Information related to H.R.1794

Rep. Doug Bereuter's Remarks During June 23, 1999 Mark-up Hearing on WHO Membership for Taiwan Bill (HR1794)

"This resolution was introduced on May 13th, 1999 by Representative Brown of Ohio, a member of the subcommittee.  Also co-sponsoring this legislation are Chairman Gilman, Mr. Rohrabacher, Brown, Chabot, Wu, Andrews, Hall, Bereuter, Davis, Lantos, Ackerman, Berman, Wexler and Faleomavaega."

"The World Health Organization is a non-political, UN-affiliated agency with 191 participating entities.  It seeks to provide the highest possible level of health for all people.  There is strong support for the people of Taiwan being afforded the opportunity to participate in a meaningful way in the World Health Organization and take advantage of information and services offered by the WHO."

"Given the fact that international travel makes transmission of communicable diseases much more prevalent, it is illogical to deny WHO services to Taiwan's population of more than 20 million people.  In addition, there is no doubt much that Taiwan can offer in terms of medical and pharmaceutical expertise.  Their longevity rate is about the highest in Asia for example.  Taiwan has good expertise in certain areas a number of ailments where we in the West lack expertise.  The chance for cooperation I think is obvious."

"The resolution offered by our colleague from Ohio specifically states that Taiwan and its people should have "appropriate and meaningful participation in the World Health Organization," solving the difficulties that we have on the sovereignty issue with the WHO."

"And I believe that one cannot justifiably argue with that proposition that they should have appropriate and meaningful participation, to try and be afforded that opportunity.  The resolution also requires the administration report on what it has done to support and promote that participation.  Again, I think this is a reasonable request so long as the report is done in a manner, which does not telegraph US strategy to those who wish to deny Taiwan's appropriate participation."

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