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Rep. Dana Rohrabacher's Remarks During June 23, 1999 Mark-up Hearing on WHO Membership for Taiwan Bill (HR1794)

Thank you very much, Mr. Chairman.  I rise in strong support of this legislation.  I think it behooves all of us to recognize the great contributions that are being made by Taiwan to the rest of the world.

A lot of times, because of the fear of offending the mainland of China, the people of Taiwan are not given the credit that they deserve.

I know, personally, of numerous charitable contributions through the Su-Chi Foundation of Taiwan and also directly from the people and also the government in Taiwan, that have been made throughout this planet; things that no one else knows about.  I mean, in Afghanistan, they put in millions of dollars worth of medicine.  In Macedonia, where here they are separated on the other side of the world from this military operation, they've kicked in millions of dollars there.  They've taken care of refugees and health care projects in places where nobody else has heard of.

Here they're willing to make such great contributions to the health of the world and yet there's some problem with them becoming a member of the World Health Organization.

 I certainly back this resolution and hope that we can make Taiwan a member of the World Health Organization.  They have already shown their generosity.

That country has also shown itself to be a responsible member of the family of nations.

It is my honor and pleasure to sing these praises and also to cosponsor this bill.  

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