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For immediate release.  November 29, 1999

Clinton Signs Omnibus Bill
Includes Mandated Reports On Administration Efforts for Taiwan
In International Organizations

 Congress broadened its support for Taiwan's participation in international organizations with the end-of-session passage of HR 3427, the Foreign Relations Authorization Act, and its demand that the Secretary of State report on efforts by the United States to secure such participation.  The bill was included by reference in the Omnibus Appropriations Bill (HR 3194).

 Sec. 704 of the bill requires a semi-annual report detailing:
  "a comprehensive list of the international organizations in which the United States Government supports the membership or participation of Taiwan;"
  "the efforts of the United States Government to achieve the membership or participation of Taiwan in each organization listed;" and  "the obstacles to the membership or participation of Taiwan in each organization listed, including a list of any governments that do not support the membership or participation of Taiwan in each such organization."

 "The Clinton Administration has not fulfilled its own policy, proclaimed in 1994, to actively support Taiwan's membership in international organizations that accept non-states as members and to look for ways to have Taiwan's voice heard in international organizations where membership is not possible," stated Chen Wen-yen, FAPA's President. "FAPA worked hard with Republican House leaders to see that this demand for accountability from the Administration, originally drafted into Senate bill S.886 by Senator Jesse Helms, passed in Congress.  I am pleased to note that President Clinton signed the bill into law today."

 This legislation complements HR 1794, a bill passed on November 19, 1999 which called for Taiwan's "appropriate and meaningful participation in the World Health Organization" and required a report to the Congress from the Secretary of State not later than January 1, 2000 regarding "efforts of the Secretary to fulfill the commitment made in the 1994 Taiwan Policy Review to move actively support Taiwan's participation in international organizations."

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