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WHO Rejection:

On Monday May 17, 1999, the World Health Organization (WHO) rejected a proposal to discuss Taiwan's membership in the organization, striking a new blow to Taiwan's efforts to join international organizations.

During the WHO Steering Committee meeting, Honduras and Burkina Fasso, which maintain diplomatic relations with Taiwan, suggested that the Congress officially weigh the possibility of Taiwan's role in the WHO.

But due to Beijing's opposition, the proposal was turned down by committee chairwoman Maria Martins of Portugal on the grounds that there had to be consensus among the committee members on the issue.

At a general assembly meeting later during the day, Nicaragua and Dominica, which also maintain diplomatic relations with Taiwan, questioned the decision of the Steering Committee not to list Taiwan's application on the agenda.

They said that there should be no boundaries for world health operations, and that the WHO should pay serious attention to the desire of the 21.8 million people of Taiwan.

This is the third year in a row that Taiwan's bid was rejected.

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