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    WHO 2003 Campaign - Thank you letter for your Senators
Dear all:

On May 1, the United States Senate unanimously passed S243 in support of observer status for Taiwan in the WHO.

Please send the following thank you note to your Senator's Washington DC office.

Write on the envelope:

Senator [Insert First name and Last name]

Attention: Foreign Affairs Aide

United States Senate

Washington DC 20510


Dear Senator [insert last name]

I write to you today to thank you for your help bringing S243, the WHO for Taiwan bill, to the floor of the Senate on May 1.

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) has killed hundreds of people worldwide thus far and put thousands in the hospital. Taiwan has also become a victim of the deadly disease. On April 26, the first Taiwanese citizen fell victim to the deadly virus.

Despite the dangers SARS poses to 23 million Taiwanese citizens, the World Health Organization (WHO) has repeatedly rejected Taiwan's plea for help and has placed the health of an entire nation in jeopardy. It is unconscionable that the WHO bases its decisions on politics and China's short-sighted rejections of Taiwan's membership in the WHO instead of focusing on the health needs of the Taiwanese people.

We hope that the United States government will translate the overwhelming Congressional support for Taiwan's observer status in the WHO into concrete action in the week of May 19 in Geneva by having Secretary of Health Thompson speak out in favor of Taiwan's observer status in the WHO on the floor of the assembly.

Thank you very much for your support for Taiwan.

Sincerely yours,

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