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For immediate release                                                                                               May 14, 2004


On May 12, 2004, the New York State Assembly unanimously passed a resolution by voice vote in support of observer status for Taiwan in the WHO. Assembly speaker Sheldon Silver introduced the resolution, which was co-sponsored by Assembly members Richard Gottfried, Barry Grodenchik, Catherine Nolan and Earlene Hooper.

The resolution concludes: "RESOLVED that this Legislative Body pause in its deliberations to applaud the contributions of New York's Taiwanese-American community and joining with them in support of the participation of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in the role of observer status in the World Health Organization (WHO) and be it further." (See: full text below.)

FAPA President Ming-chi Wu states: "Passage of this bill is due to Taiwanese American grassroots efforts in New York, and although passage will probably not add much to the chances that Taiwan will be admitted to the WHO this month, the larger value of passage of this bill is that it illustrates the broadness of the support that exists in the United States for Taiwan's WHO bid - not only on the federal level but on the state level as well. We hope and expect that the NY State Legislature will continue to pass legislation favorable to Taiwan."

Click here for the text of the resolution.

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