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For immediate release                                                                                                 May 10, 2002

Thirty-eight Senators sent Secretary of State Colin Powell a letter last night requesting him to "publicly endorse Taiwan's observership in the WHO" and to have the United States "actively encourage other WHO member states to support observership for Taiwan."

Noting their disappointment that a State Department plan, authorized by PL 107-158, "does not more clearly articulate a plan aimed at" increasing Taiwan's participation in the WHO, the Senators state their belief that "the people of Taiwan deserve access to the highest standards of health information and services." They also declare that, "given the growing threat of bioterrorism, it is imperative that vital information can be made universally available."

"We see no reason why Taiwan should continue to be excluded from having the same benefits as non-state entities (such as the Palestinian Authority) with observer status in the WHO," the Senators conclude.

"We believe that it is important for the United States to take the lead on this issue, affirming the principle that healthcare is a basic right for every individual. As such, we urge the Administration to take a more vigorous, concrete approach to supporting observer status for Taiwan," the Senators declare as a preface to asking Secretary Powell to speak publicly to this issue.

"Both the House and Senate have sent strong, bipartisan letters to the Bush Administration asking that the President speak out forcefully on Taiwan's observer status in the WHO," stated FAPA President Wu Ming-chi. "The time is now for such action!

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