Taiwan Caucus

A-bian Resolution

Aegis Sales

APEC 2001

Assent Resolution

United Nations

High-Level Visits

NATO Ally 

Taiwan Security Enhancement Act (TSEA) 

Taiwanese American Heritage Week

WHO 2003 Campaign


    WHO 2002 Campaign

38 Senators Wrote to Secretary Powell (05/10/02)

Rep. Gilman Wrote to Secretary Powell(05/09/02)

Members of Congress Wrote to Bush (05/09/02)

CTC Chairs Wrote to Armitage (05/01/02)

State Dept WHO Plan Revealed (04/24/02)

CTC Wrote to President Bush (04/17/02)

House Policy Committee Passed Statement Supporting Taiwan Joining the WHO  (04/19/02)

WHO Bill Signed into Law!  (04/04/02)

State Department's Briefing on the Senate Passage of WHO Bill (03/20/02)

Senate Passes WHO Bill. (03/19/02)

Rep. Sherrod Brown's Press Release on the Senate Passage (03/19/02)

European Parliament Passes WHO Resolution.(03/14/02)

WHO Public Law Amended! (08/03/01)

Mandarin Press Release (08/03/01)



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